How to Update Dentalia Theme to the Latest Version?

Keeping your theme updated is very important, as both WordPress and major web browsers are making regular changes to their code, which can sometimes result in incompatibility issues with older versions of the theme.  The site is not behaving like it used to, parts of the design seem to be broken, etc.

Our job as developers is to keep up with these changes and adjust the code of our theme as necessary, so it continues to work with the latest version of WordPress and all major browsers.

Theme updates also give you access to new features, design improvements, and bugfixes and can help you keep your website secure.

1. Before Update

Download The Theme From ThemeForest

Log in to your ThemeForest account and download the latest version of the theme from there. Choose the Installable WordPress file only option.

Backup your Website

When you update the theme, your content should stay intact. But before updating, it is recommended to make a full backup of your website, just in case anything goes wrong. You can learn how to backup your website on

Move Your Code to a Child Theme

If you made any changes to the theme files, move your code to a child theme. This is very important, as with the update all theme files will be overwritten and as a result, all your changes will be lost.

If you are an advanced user, making changes to the code, please always use a child theme! It will save you a lot of trouble and keep your customizations intact.

A basic child theme is already included with Dentalia and you can get it from ThemeForest. Download the full theme package (All files & documentation) and unzip it. The file is located in the child theme(developers) folder.

2. Updating Your WordPress Theme

There are three ways you can update a WordPress theme you have purchased on ThemeForest.

Uploading trough WordPress

This is the easiest theme update method, which requires at least WordPress 5.4 version.

  1. In WordPress, go to Appearance -> Themes, click “Add New” then “Upload”.
  2. Upload the theme file you got from ThemeForest. This will replace the old theme with the new one.
  3. Update the Dentalia Theme Plugin to the latest version.

Using Envato Market Plugin

This method allows you to apply theme updates without the need to download the newest theme files from ThemeForest. It only requires you to install the Envato Market Plugin and create an Envato API Personal Token.

The plugin can be installed from a ZIP file via the WordPress Dashboard. Once the Envato API connection is made, all your purchased WordPress themes will be listed, allowing you to apply updates as they become available.

Classic FTP Upload

If for any reason the previous 2 methods don't work for you, you can update your WordPress theme by direct FTP upload. Once you downloaded the newest version of the theme from ThemeForest, please follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the theme file on your computer.
  2. Log in to your server with FTP and navigate to wp-content/themes/
  3. Copy the theme folder to your computer for backup and rename or delete it on the server.
  4. Upload the unzipped theme folder from your computer to the wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.

3. Updating The Dentalia Theme Plugin

The Dentalia Theme Plugin provides essential theme functionality (i.e Theme Options and Widgets), so every time you update the theme, you should also update the Dentalia plugin.

You can apply the updates directly from WordPress -> Plugins.

Important! The version of the Dentalia plugin should always match the version of the Dentalia theme.

Both an outdated theme in combination with a new plugin, or a new theme in combination with an outdated plugin can cause incompatibility issues. So make sure that if you have Dentalia 2.1 installed, the Dentalia Plugin version should also be 2.1.x.

4. Updating Third Party Plugins

We include some third-party plugins with the Dentalia theme, like SiteOrigin Page Builder, SiteOrigin Widget Bundle, Contact Form 7, and Slider revolution. All such plugins, with the exception of Slider Revolution, can be updated through WordPress -> Plugins.

Updating Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a premium plugin from CodeCanyon, which comes free with the Dentalia theme. It can’t be updated the same way as the free plugins from However, you don’t have to buy a personal license for Slider Revolution in order to be able to update it.

To get the latest version of the plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to WordPress -> Plugins and find Slider Revolution
  2. Deactivate and delete the plugin. Do not fret, your sliders will not be deleted.
  3. After deletion, a notification will appear. Click Begin installing plugin and then install. The latest version of the slider will be downloaded from our server.

If the notification does not appear, or you dismiss it by mistake, you can install the latest version of Slider Revolution in Appearance -> Install plugins.

5. Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any issues after the update, try hard-refreshing the browser. Sometimes clearing the cache on the Server might also be necessary. However, if the issues remain, please open a ticket and we will help you resolve them as fast as possible. Even if your support has expired, the Bug reports category is accessible for all users.

We strive to offer fast and quality support and reply to your tickets within a few hours.