Cell Styles

You can adjust the paddings of the cell, add a background image, and more.

Page Builder cell style settings are accessible by clicking the wrench icon above the row. After that, you need to click on the cell you want to edit.

The settings will appear in the right-side panels, below the Row styles.

1 Layout

  • Padding
    Cell paddings are a standard Page Builder feature.
  • Cell Position
    You can push the cell up or down to overlap the row above or below.
    This will only be applied on desktop and tablets.

2 Tablet & Mobile

  • Tablet Padding
    Sets the cell paddings on tablets.
  • Mobile Padding
    Sets the cell paddings on mobile.

3 Design

  • Background Color (Dentalia 2.0+)
    You can pick and instantly apply theme colors to the cell background. To use a custom color, click the Rainbow 🌈 and add your color in the color picker field.
  • Overlay
    Add a color overlay over the cell background. The colors and gradients are defined by the general theme colors set in the Theme Options.

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