Blog Settings

In the blog settings, you can set the layout and style of your blog.

Blog Layout & Style

  • Blog Layout
    You can choose from 4 layout styles: Classic (a list of posts with image, excerpt, and read more button), Classic full content (list of posts showing full content), 2 column grid (posts are displayed in two equal columns), and 3 column grid (posts are displayed in three equal columns).
  • Read More Button Style (Dentalia 2.0+)
    You can choose different button styles or hide the read more button.
  • Display date on featured images (Dentalia 2.0+)
    Check to display the date on the images to look similar to the Orion Recent Posts Widget.

Post meta settings

  • Enable/disable post meta on blog posts: Check which meta information is shown (Post date, category, author, and number of comments).

Blog Posts Typography

  • Entry Heading and Post Meta Style: You can adjust the font size of entry headings and meta information here.

Archive & Taxonomy Pages Sidebar*

  • Left and Right Sidebar: You can set default sidebars for your archive pages using two select boxes. If you want to set up a left sidebar, leave the right sidebar field empty, and vice versa. Leave both fields empty for a full-width layout.

Additional Settings

Blog layout: Classic with sidebar

Blog layout: Grid

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