Theme Colors

You can set 3 main colors and 2 background colors for your website. Changing theme colors at any time will automatically recolor most parts of your site.

Main Theme Colors

  • Main Theme Color: This color serves as a primary theme color and is the most dominant color of your theme. It automatically sets default button and icon colors, page title backgrounds and link hover color.
  • Secondary Theme Color: An additional color option that can be selected for individual widgets, sections backgrounds, buttons, etc.
  • Tertiary Theme Color: This color is by default used for dark backgrounds (dark navigation bar, footer, and copyright area). For best results choose a dark shade of any color.

Background Colors

  • Site Background Color: Defines the background color of your website.
  • Alternative Background Color (Dentalia 2.0+): An additional background color option used in Page Builder.

Example A

Example B

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