Header: Classic

1 Classic Header Settings

  • Classic Header Height: Controls the height (in pixels) of the classic header on desktop.
  • Desktop Logo Positioning: You can adjust the vertical position of the logo for the classic header.
  • Enable Full-Width Header: Checking this will stretch the header to the width of the screen.
  • Add Breaking Point (Dentalia 2.0+): This option will center the classic header and make space for the navigation.

Centered Header*

  • Breaking Point Screen Width (in px): Sets the header breaking point. If you want your header to be always centered, enter a high number (for example 5000px).
  • Adjust Navigation Height: You can adjust the height of the main menu.
  • Adjust Logo Vertical Spacing: You can adjust the top and bottom spacing of the logo.

Classic Header Bacground

  • Background Settings allow you to change the color of the classic header and upload a background image.

2 Classic Header Widget Area

The Classic header comes with a widget area, which is displayed in a separate bar right under the navigation area. Use it to display contact information, call to actions, and similar content.

It can be easily switched on and off and can be customized too. You can change the background color, select light or dark text color style, and set the bottom and top padding.

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