Carousel Widget

Create a custom carousel with tabbed navigation.

1 Adding Slides:

  • Add+ creates a new slide.
  • Each slide can have a title, a subtitle, a description, image and a button.
  • Tab Label: Name the navigation label to use it as a tab.
  • Add a destination URL to the page you want the button to send you to.

Slide Settings

  • Image position: You can choose to display the image left or right form the text area on all slides individually.
  • Text align: The content in the text area can be aligned to left, right, or center.
  • Slide Custom ID: Must be unique or left empty.*

2 Style Settings

  • Text Color: You can choose from light and dark text color styles, which are predefined in the Theme Options.
  • Background Color: You can choose from a set of predefined background colors.
  • You can also customize the read more button.  Change the button style, color, size, and rounding to your liking.

Carousel Settings

  • You can enable autoplay for the slider.
  • Navigation: This will set the style of carousel navigation. You can choose between Arrows on top, on the bottom, on sides, tabs, dots, or none.

Example A (Default)

Example B (Customized)

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