Team Members Widget

Display team members in a grid or a carousel.

1 Widget Options

  • Choose a department: You can filter which team members will be displayed depending on their department.
  • Layout: Choose between grid or carousel layout.
  • Elements per row: Sets the number of team members in a row on desktop.
  • Text color: Sets the text to light or dark for the entire widget.


  • Ordering: Choose the two parameters by which the team members will be sorted (ascending/descending).
  • Display department, intro text, and social icons: Check which information should be included.

Carousel Settings

  • If you picked the carousel layout, you can enable autoplay, adjust its transition delay, and choose between different navigation styles.
  • Unchecking the display carousel navigation on mobile devices will hide the navigation on mobile.

2 Style Settings

  • Image Style: You can choose between different image shapes: circle, square, portrait, 3:2 ratio, 750px width, and Original image ratio.* Selecting none will hide the images.
  • Hover color: You can choose from predefined theme colors.
  • Background color and its opacity: Adds background to the elements.
  • Image overlay and image overlay on hover options allow you to add color overlays to the featured images.
  • Scale image on hover: You can choose between zoom in, zoom out, or none.
  • Add border: Adds a thin border around each element.

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